My contract ended, I’m sad to say. But the Defiant team said they loved what I did, and next time they have a 2D project lined up, they’d want me again. They all gave me a thank you thing!

Look out for Ski Safari Adventure Time! If you have Cartoon Network, I have a feeling they’re going to advertise about it a lot. Once they release, (I think December sometime?) I’m free to upload all the animations of Jake and Finn sliding happily down a slope. :)


I am super bad at websites. I appreciate all the help everyone gave me for making a wiki! I’m not going to use that quite yet, but right now, I need a portfolio ASAP to start applying for other jobs. Does anyone know where I can get a website that offers HTML editing? I basically just want a website, with a custom domain, with a blank space like neopets petpages used to offer. I don’t want none of this blog shit and apps. (I tried wordpress, and it was pretty much this.)


Thank you, dayowl-94! Weebly was perfect. I am no longer looking for anything, but thanks for the suggestions everyone.